Sunday, February 22, 2009

And The Oscar Goes To...

It is hard to believe that Wolfgang has been doing the Governor's Ball for the Academy Awards for fifteen years now... I was there the first year he did them, as a manager "Host," and was fitted for a gown of my choice by Bob Mackie's atelier. It was the year Forest Gump took in so many awards, and I was in charge of Tom Hank's table. How exciting it was to be there when the throngs of celebrities swoosh into the room, glamorous and glorious. A very exciting event, and one that I always love to sit at home and enjoy on my own TV now. The number of chefs that fly in to make sure that the thousands of meals get plated out and served in unison is unbelievable. And Wolf's team is the best at it, which is why, for 15 years, they are still at it! I can't wait to see the ensembles... I need some ideas, as I am going to have to glam it up next weekend for The Power of Love event going on here in Las Vegas, benefitting The Lou Ruvo Alzheimer's Foundation. Sigfried and Roy are doing a final performance. And Wolfgang is one of the Chefs that will be preparing an amazing meal.
Get your votes in and enjoy the show tonight!

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