Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Year of The Ox!

Kung Hey Fat Choy! Congratulations and Be Prosperous... Once again The Bellagio Conservatory has outdone itself. Featuring a 15 foot long Ox made of more than 15,000 living Alternanthera; an 18 foot tall Chinese God of Wealth and Fortune; I Ching coins; dings; Giant Pandas made of living Plants; a Happiness Bridge; a Koi Pond, and other displays. Part of my childhood was spent in San Francisco, and the Chinese New Year Celebrations there will always stick in my mind as incredibly exciting and such a burst of color and excitement! Not to mention all that it stands for. I hope that my boys will keep the same memories from our excursion yesterday! Many Asians come to Las Vegas for The Chinese New Year, so it is done up BIG...

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