Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Art of Making Books

I came across one of the most insightful and inspiring sites on Cookie the other day. Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord has an incredible site overflowing with ideas, tutorials and e-books, all geared at getting our children (and ourselves) out of the box and into some real creativity. I think we are becoming a perfectionist computer oriented society, which is fine. But do you really feel the art when it is professionally uploaded and then bound by Shutterfly? (I by no means do not like them... I just got a little shooken up reading this site). The concept of using natural, recycled, torn, imperfect materials was very fresh to me. So I immediately sat down with my 5 year old, and got started. And we haven't stopped. Every day he is wanting to make a new one, and they are amazing. My 7 year old is VERY envious, and eagerly awaiting the weekend. I am so excited because I see potential family and friend gifts, heirlooms to keep, all coming out of things that are lying around. This has been alot of fun so I wanted to share... who knows, maybe mamma will even get into it on her own!

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